Elementary truth studies

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    The purpose of the Elementary Truth Studies is to offer a guide for disciples to make other disciples.  Its focus and emphasis is to aid seekers along on their spiritual journey to being saved and in relationship with God.  

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    This study clarifies what it takes to pursue a relationship with God and establishes how God's Word (the Bible) is an absolutely foundational guide for teaching how to go about having a relationship with God.

  • This study clears up common misconceptions about Jesus.  Who is Jesus?  What was He like? What did He say?  A seeker must come to understand that establishing a relationship with God can only happen through Jesus, the Son of God.  This study will also inspire a seeker to embrace the high calling of discipleship to Jesus.

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    This study helps a seeker understand the biblical picture of sin -- what sin is and what it produces in us, and about the source of sin and how God feels about it.  We'll also examine the good news of God's love. The love of God and the cost for forgiveness of our sins is seen in the sacrificial death of Jesus Christ.  We can be saved by the grace of God through having faith in the sacrificial death of Jesus Christ.

  • After coming to understand the grace of God through the sacrifice of Jesus, the biblical response is to repent and be baptized for forgiveness of sins.  Repentance is a powerful blessing from God; it's the path of living for God rather than for self.  Repentance is not a work that leads to salvation; rather, it is our awakening to come to our senses and live the way God had always intended for us to live.  Repentance and baptism is essential to Christian doctrine. We will see the link between Christ's sacrifice and our forgiveness of sins by means of baptism.

  • This study is designed to communicate God's plan for a seeker to be a part of the family of God (the church).  The brothers and sisters in the church are meant to be a continual source of encouragement in our walk as Christians.  We must understand God's intent for the church and how each of us can contribute to its overall impact.  God's plan from the beginning was always to bring all people into his family, the family of God.