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the word

What is the bible?

Where is the bible from?

How do we use the bible?

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*John 8:31-32

  • One must obey the teachings of Jesus to be a Disciple or a Christian

  • Obeying the teachings of Jesus leads us to knowing the Truth and Freedom
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*Hebrews 4:12-13

  • The Word is relevant (designed for the head and the heart)

  • The Word cuts (it exposes your heart which hurts but does not harm)
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2 Peter 1:20-21

  • The Message is from God

  • The Holy Spirit inspired the men who wrote the Bible
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2 Tim. 3:16-17

  • The Message is from God

  • It applies to all areas of our lives (everyone teaches or is learning)
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questions &


  • Do you believe the Message is from God?

  • Will you embrace the Bible as the standard for all areas of your life?

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